Friday, February 6, 2009

Sleeping at Felas

Fela is a fellow student at my school. I know her a bit and she has stopped by my house a few times. I arrived at her house at about eight p.m. after a day when I was doing quiet a bit of running. I was expecting it to be a bit more awkward. She also said that she put movies aside in case it was strange.
We ate dinner and talked for a long time, about, art, life, relationships. An easy conversation where you talk and get to know each other, share things, think about perspectives. It was relaxing to just sit and talk. I slept on the futon, slept straight through the night. For me it is not so unusual to be mobile, and to sleep in different places and to be comfortable with it. I dreamt about sleeping in dorm rooms in a university where the space was divided. In the morning I took a heavenly shower with unending hot water, and now Ismell still the scent of someone elses soap on my skin.

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