Friday, February 20, 2009

dressing up

I spend the whole day thinking that I had not managed to dress in a way, which was so different than usual. Then I saw the image. It was a quiet different clothing. And in the beginning I had to wear sunglasses for safety of the gaze.
It was a cold day. I put on a green silk dress. It is the most beautiful color in the world, and it glistens, shines, and clings. I have owned it for four years, but only worn it three times, to a wedding, to new years, and to a doner kebab stand.
It really was a fucking cold day. The wind moved through me as I walked to school. I was shining so much. Three cars were beeping at me. I felt really strange when I walked into a band rehearsal to borrow a computer. The people in the band did not stop playing and I knelt on a small space on the floor trying to turn the computer on.
I felt restricted though. I really did not want to stain the dress, and biking and eating fried made me nervous. When I fried tempeh I took the dress off and walked around in my tights and bra.
By the end of the day, I did not mind that I was wearing bright green, my worn and stained winter coat covering the top half of my body. Hungry I wanted to get a sandwich. Does the green dress cause protein craving? As I walked towards the store a man waved at me. I walked in as though his waving had made me manifest. The store was closed though I think he would have been happy if he could have sold me food.
I stopped thinking about the dress when M. and I drove with Bakfiets to look in the garbage for furniture and building material.
Funny how colors and clothes can change you. I have a blue jacket, which I rarely wear, and once I get used to it I feel like a superhero . Like wearing a bright red, each color has it’s own set of superpowers. Each set of clothing it’s costuming. I think I have more to find out about this dress.

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