Sunday, February 15, 2009


I decided to hitchhike and to take the one ride and to go wherever they went. I would go to city in Holland, to Germany, even to Poland.
Usually when you hitch the first ride is the hardest one to get. There have been times when I have stood on the street or in the gas station for hours. Thinking that I should turn around and quit. There were times when I did quit.
I discovered hitchhiking when I had to make at least one trip monthly from Munich, to either Berlin or Amsterdam, and my money was going fast. As long as you have a map and some stamina it is one of the best ways to travel. You actually feel like you are going somewhere, making a journey. Not the confusion of jets, where after holding your shoes in your hand in line, and another nine hours, you find yourself across the ocean, wondering where you are and why everything suddenly looks so different. Too long a distance in to short of a time.
I got my first ride in less than twenty minutes. I was picked up my couple, with a child, also an unusual ride. They were driving to the north part of Amsterdam. When I got out of the car ten minutes later I thought….wow…this is it? I felt the desire to continue, to go somewhere different. The sun was shining. I sat in a field for a while.
Since I still had free time I decided to walk home. It was a three hour walk, and as I moved from the relative silence of the north, into the bustle of the east, through the oosterpark, past the well known pijp to my home, my head became clouded and my body tired. I was longing to be somewhere else, farther away, from the noise which Amsterdam puts in my head, and the noise that I put in my own head.

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