Wednesday, February 11, 2009

writing before doing

For most of the day I wrote down everything I did before I did it. Here is an exerpt

While writing down every action, which you do, try to make room nicer.

Open the soda. Take a sip. Roll cigarette. Light cigarette. Screw out yellow light bulb. Take sip of soda. Smoke more. Drink soda. Continue smoking. Move the objects off bench. Drag bench outside. Replace bench with shelf. Drag Shelf to wall. Put upright. Pick up Post it notes. Sip soda. Bring bench back in. Cover with Fabric.Rehang blade from blinds. Place objects back on bench. Get leatherman. Shut door. Put shelves in.
Take sip soda. Move extra plates to side. Put backpack in corner of room. Put boots in corner of room. Put other boots in corner. Find something to use as garbage bag.Put garbage from shelves inside. Take incense from box. Light incense. Put it in the wall
Hang jackets on hooks. Hang big scarves on hooks. Put speakers on top of shelf. Plug them in. Plug in red lamp. Turn it on. Fold sheets place them on shelf. Hang jackets
Put dirty clothes in laundry basket. Fold clean clothes and put them on shelf. Pause Camera. Drink Hot chocolate. Light cigarette. Smoke and drink Hot Chocolate. Light Candle. Put contact plastic in garbage. Move candelabra. Turn camera back on. Fold clean clothes. Put in cupboard. Dirty Clothes in basket. Old clothes in garbage. Tie Scarf around lamp. Make bed. Continue with clothes. Headphones on table. Pick cables off of floor. Hang scarf. Plug in Blue light. Empty ashtray. Pick up garbage from floor. Turn off Blue light. Pick up garbage from table. Turn on blue light. Turn off florescent light. Light candelabra. Move candelabra. Roll Cigarette. Look around. Light cigarette. End Exercise.

Since the beginning of the day I have been attempting to write down the actions I do before I do them. It takes a lot longer to do any activities. When I went to school, an activity like getting coffee for people involved so much multitasking that it became really stressful.
Later, I did it while cleaning my room, and it was quite meditative. Both because I had a goal, and because the stopping while cleaning, slowed down the cleaning and allowed me to see the process. This slowness made me feel more involved with my space, my room, which is positive because having moved in three weeks ago I am still coming to terms with the house and how I exist inside of it.
Too really attempt to write each action before doing it, becomes almost impossible, due to the fact that the body is programmed to move automatically, and the rational mind would require tremendous power to exert full control. I find that in most physical activities my mind drifts to somewhere else. While washing dishes, I am thinking about an event. Strange to think about how these two are connected, thoughts effected by movement, movement and actions by thought, but neither of the two ever fully dominate.

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