Sunday, February 8, 2009

shopping at the flea market

I went to the flea market with the intention to buy five useless objects which cost less than one euro. Because later in the day I wanted to move some stuff from my house I took the bak-fiets. I started the morning late, I had been really exhausted and needed to sleep more than I planned. But I quickly drank my coffee and called R. to see if she still wanted to come. I picked her up and we drove through town. There is something magical about the image of two people on a bak fiets, one of them sitting in front, relaxing and laughing and the other driving. The NDSM werf is one the most beautiful parts of Amsterdam, and every time that I go there I enjoy the image which is so different to Amsterdam city center. I looked through piles and piles of junk, buying objects, which I did not need at all, silly, arbitrary things.
After leaving the market I sat with R. and had a tea. In a strange and relaxed frame of mind, my eyes were drawn to the eyes of other people, and the gaze rested for longer than was normal. This in combination with the loud techno music, which was a bit out of place for the middle of the day, caused me to feel like….. one of those mornings where the night before was really intense, like those nights when something happens, and then in the morning the you are simultaneously attached and detached to everything around you, meanwhile you smile slightly.

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