Saturday, February 7, 2009

drawing with crayons

today I bought crayons. I wanted the thin intense ones which I had as a child. I could only find thick stubby ones, after going to three shops.
The stubby ones were difficult but liberating.
I had no idea what to draw, so I drew animals. I drew people. I drew the landscape. I love the black outline. And I love the purity meaninglessness of the drawings. The colors, and my hand movement were restricted. It was strange when I got off work, to pull out my crayons and draw. There were three friends of my coworker around and they did not respond or seem to notice that I was drawing. My conclusion is that we have more freedom to be, than we can ever know or agknowledge. No one is watching. No one cares. This is a joy!
And I love the drawings, with the crayons, and the black crayon, which is my favorite, because it outlines. Black is the strongest crayon. It draws attention to the image. The second strongest crayon is yellow. But I have cheap crayons. There is no in between. Only yellow and black are strong, screaming.
Like a child I can hang it on the wall. This is something to laugh about and to enjoy. my crayon drawings on the wall of my house.
Someone asked me about concept. And I said " there is no concept to what I am doing now" and they said.....ahhh but you do have a developed concept.
I walked away from that conversion

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